About Lizette

ke2Lizette is a Music Teacher. She loves music and has been successfully teaching students to play Piano, Guitar and to develop their Singing Voices since 1995. She prides herself on her ability to meet students where they are. It is possible for anybody to develop their musical abilities with the proper instruction, practice and patience.

A singer/songwriter, Lizette is constantly learning herself. French language and musical intonation are her current study adding to her Portuguese, Spanish as well as plain old English Jazz chops. She plays Piano and Guitar and accompanies herself while singing, or with a band.  Not afraid to let it hang out, she also writes and plays Blues, Rock, Reggae, Jazz and even Country Music.

Lizette has studied with many local teachers including, Susan Strick, Teresa Nemeth, Tricia Woods, Andy Shaw, Joanie Metcalf, Robin Kutz, Tim Lerch and Lonnie Mardis.