Guitar Lessons

Playing the Guitar is a fun and worthwhile pursuit. Children are better off waiting until they are at least 10 years old to begin guitar and parents should be sure to buy a guitar that fits their body. A too big guitar would be difficult to play and therefore discouraging to the student. Students younger than ten who are interested in Guitar should take Piano lessons first: the best thing for Guitar is Piano. With Proper instruction, Practice and Patience students older than ten years old can successfully learn to play the Guitar.

Lessons are 45-60 minutes per week. It is possible for parents or siblings to share a guitar lesson (semi-private) but each student must have their own guitar at the lesson.

Each student will have a Classical Guitar Book to learn how to read music as related to guitar and learn proper technique. At the same time they will learn basic Folk and Rock, then move on to Blues and Jazz. And they will learn to sing along as they play. Each guitar Lesson is also a singing lesson. This is the same approach I use in Piano, this increases learning and decreases boredom.

Students will learn: Note reading, rhythm, harmony, theory, ear training, transposition, composition and improvisation. In addition each lesson could be seen as a voice lesson as students are encouraged to sing along as they play.

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