Piano Lessons

Students of all ages can learn to play the Piano with the Proper Instruction, Practice and Patience.

There is a well known rumor that you must be very young to learn to play Piano. Not only is this untrue but can lead to students as young as teenagers thinking they are too old to learn to play piano. The appropriate time to start playing the Piano is the same for all ages: Now!

Lessons are weekly for 45-60 minutes except for younger beginners who start with 30 minutes per week and expand to 45 minutes per week as the first year progresses.

After the first book of Basic Piano has been completed each student will have 5 different Piano Books: a Folk/Fun book which is a continuation of the Basic Book, a Classical book, a Jazz, Rags and Blues book, a Modes book and a Composition book which is used to learn to write music as well as transcribe music. This way the student is exposed to many different styles of Piano and has a variety of Pieces to play and learn each week. This cuts down on boredom and allows the student to make faster progress as they are not confined to just one style of music.

Students will learn: note reading, rhythm, harmony, theory, ear training, transposing and composition. In addition each Piano Lesson could be seen as a Voice Lesson as students are encouraged to sing along as they play.

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