Are Vocalists born or made? While it’s true that some people are born great Singers it is a skill that can be learned by working at it. The first thing to learn is proper breath support. I teach kundalini breathing exercises that can help anyone learn to sing better. From there we work on finding out what your natural vocal range is so we can be sure that you are singing songs in the correct key. Singing a song in the correct key will show off the best of your voice while we work to increase range and flexibility.

Maybe you just want to sing better for yourself? This is a worthwhile pursuit and one that can be accomplished with Proper Instruction, Practice and Patience.

It is best to learn to sing in a supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere. This is what I offer. If we feel we will be criticized every time we open our mouths we will be too afraid to sing. With weekly lessons and practice time at home real progress can be made on developing our singing voice.

You will learn: Proper Breath Support, Breathing Exercises and techniques, Transposing and you will gain confidence.

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